Protective textile and workwear

Millions of farm workers and pesticides mixers across the world risk contamination by pesticides. Thus, to avoid such problem, protective clothing is useful to give some degree of protection against pesticides. The nature of chemicals and the form and place of exposure decides the type of protection required. We supply the protection clothes required by agricultural workers who are at risk of contamination by pesticides, insecticides and herbicides.

Optifruit LLC. currently offers protective work clothes and protective textiles for agriculture. It distributes goods in different sessions, both priced and qualitative, and in its portfolio are both no name brands and brands of renowned companies that rank among their most successful in the world. A wide range of goods is distributed by the company to customers as farmers and agricultural enterprises.

In order to be protected from dirt and other negative factors while working at the farm, you should wear thick and solid working clothes. We stock an extensive range of work clothing including coats, boiler suits, fleeces, padded shirts, safety boots, hi visibility items, pullovers, waterproof trousers and accessories.

At our company we offer all the work wear you will need including, neoprene trousers, tops in both long and short sleeve, heavy duty rubber aprons and disposable coverall boiler suits.


Wool is a multifunctional fibre with a range of diameters that make it suitable for clothing, household fabrics and technical textiles. Industrial uses of wool include sheets of bonded coarse wool used for thermal and acoustic insulation in home construction, as well pads for soaking up oil spills.


Viscose is a low-cost fabric, which is popular thanks to its myriad of qualities. It can be found in cotton end uses, as well as luxurious velvet’s and taffeta’s. Viscose can also be found in feminine hygiene products, as well as tire cords. Chemically, viscose resembles cotton, but it can also take on many different qualities depending on how it is manufactured.


Acrylic is a synthetic man-made fabric that was originally developed to be an alternative to wool. Today it’s a widely popular fabric for its durability and ease of care. Acrylic is used in apparel, upholstery, rugs, awnings, boat and vehicle covers, luggage, blankets, and stuffed animals


We offer our customers a wide range of different shoes. Our inventory including sports shoes, leather shoes, heel shoes, casual shoes, flat shoes, sandals, work shoes and many different types. We offering only high-quality goods at affordable prices.

Also, we work with famous brands and top suppliers of these products.


You will find a variety of products by style, materials, price and intended use. We specially deal with all kinds of bags, including school bag, sports bag, cosmetic case bag, Bicycle bag, ice bag, Backpack, trolley bag, wallet, Cooler bag, travel bag, gift bag and so on.

Ordering bags from us you get bags at a reasonable price of good quality.